Country Cove Park Rules

Please obey our park rules

rules_parkSome people complain that they don’t like our rules, but any civilized society must have rules in order for people to live happy lives, respect each other’s space, and coexist harmoniously.

At Country Cove Mobile Home Park, it is our intention to provide you with a peaceful, clean, and comfortable living environment. That’s why we have rules. The rules we have established are designed so that everyone can enjoy the park to the fullest, for years to come. We work hard to see that the rules are adhered to. Please help us maintain the park integrity.

Here are just some of the general rules to follow.
Check your original lease and prospectus for a complete list.

♦  This is a family-oriented, drug-free/crime-free mobile home park. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

♦  All solicitations, commercial or otherwise are prohibited.

♦  Observe all stop signs and drive 10 mph at all times. Watch out for children playing.

♦  Be respectful and courteous of your neighbors and their guests. Anyone, who is disrespectful to the park management, employees, neighbors, and guests will be asked to leave.

♦  No loud music or loud behavior at any time. Park quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm each evening.

♦  Keep your lot grounds clean, lawns mowed regularly, and free of all trash, or unsightly items.

♦  Garbage pick-up days are Mondays and Thursdays only. Do not put out your trash ahead of these designated days. Other than trash pickup days, trash must be kept in an inconspicuous place. Put trash in covered trash cans, or neatly tied in plastic bags. After garbage is collected, promptly remove empty containers.

♦  No littering in the park.

♦  All vehicles in the park must have a valid tag at all times. No boats or trailers are permitted.

♦ No Pit Bull dogs allowed, or any other dog breeds over 45 pounds.

♦  All animals must be on a leash at all times. When walking your dog, observe all “No poop zone” signs. If they have an accident, you are required to pick up after your dog and dispose of their waste in a plastic bag at your own property.

♦  There are no fireworks in the park at any time for any reason. Violators may be subject to the local criminal laws.

♦  Any of your guests who stay (15) fifteen consecutive days or more are required to register with the park manager.

♦  Children under 18 are prohibited from using the pool unless accompanied by an adult. No pets, alcohol, illegal drugs, glass containers, profanity, or smoking allowed in the pool area.

♦  Loud motorcycles, four-wheeled off-road bikes, dirt bikes, go-carts, and dune buggies are not allowed to be driven on park property at any time.

♦ Please notify the park office of any violations, complaints or suggestions in a courteous and professional manner during normal business hours. We will assist you as quickly as possible.


Click here to report any violations anonymously.